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"Errors" – Free Download on XLR8R

"A sprawling electronic LP that lends itself to arresting synth-work, detached samplers, and pitched vocals (...) equally haunting as it is emotive." Review + Free DL of "Errors" from XLR8R –

Our new full-length album is  ready for release , on November 20th for Kowloon Records.

Translating to 'fixed stars', 'Stelle Fisse' is an ode immersed in outer space ambience - a nod to the permanent things in life, points of reference that never move away. 



Founded on the concept of permanent crisis and continual refinement, Italian trio Aucan seams together hypnotic live rhythms and moody electronics using a precise, minimalist post- rock approach. Much evolved from their origins as a math-rock outfit, Aucan's gear and synth collection expanded over the years informs the band's current incarnation which is most notorious for their striking 100% hardware live shows. While Aucan experiments with new forms admiring an array of soundsystem music/club genres, the band's creative approach remains the same as day-one: to make their music as direct and honest as they could, setting rules on gear having to be played live and imposing limits on the number of tracks and overdubs to maintain the original, raw live constructs.

With over 300 live shows under their belt, Aucan has shared the stage with Matmos, Rioji Ikeda, Fuck Buttons, Chemical Brothers, Placebo, and along the way has made quick fans of fellow artists collaborating with the likes of Shigeto, Otto Von Schirach, Scorn, Zu, and Dalek. Declaring themselves as more of multi-disciplinary collective than just a band, Aucan formed on their kinship sharing similar ideas on music, art, and contemporary philosophy. Just like a singular aesthetic presents itself in their music, the band is focused on making the same compelling impression in their visual work (live A/V and artwork) and lyrical content.












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